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Welcome to American Satanism, a site dedicated to exposing the public to who and what are affecting our religious rights in America and trying to keep God out of the public eye. They are affecting EVERYTHING our children are exposed to and they are using their influences to corrupt the SOULS of EVERYONE they can. Even if you don’t believe in God and Satan, no one can deny there’s both Good and Evil in our World. Don’t you want a World filled with a lot more Good and a whole lot less Evil??

American Satanists use the power of glamor to lure their victims into their cults. Once there, Satanists use the psychologically damaging and evil tactics of grooming, trauma bonding, torture and mind control to keep their victims in line and promoting their agendas. Learn more about their rituals, practices, methods and cliques. Find out how American Satanists in politics, media and entertainment are pushing their EVIL AGENDAS to take God out of our country and replace Him with Satan. They are in our CHILDREN’S colleges and high schools, in their games, movies and music. American Satanists feed off the INNOCENT SOULS of Our Children. It’s time to expose these DEMONS and bring GOOD and GOD back to America!!

Feel free to send your comments and tips for American Satanists to Editor@FoxxMediaGroup.com. We thank you for stopping by and hope you find American Satanism both educational and entertaining. Please be sure to check out FMG’s other sites where you’ll see what happens to those who get snared in the evil web of American Satanism. Please share our sites with your friends and family. You’ll be saving their Souls and WE ALL Thank You for Caring!!


Diana Grandmason
FMG Editor and Divine Intervention


In the darkest pits of Hell, the Devil hatched an evil plan. To tempt the fiddle player for He’s just a mortal man!

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